Hi penguin pals,

Today we're introducing a new privacy feature - the Waddle Penguins Island Passport Manager available at passport.waddlepenguins.me!

It's quite a new step for you being able to see and manage more of your Penguin data.

Here's what you can do as of now:

  • Check your username, display name and other details of your Passport;
  • Check your registration and last login date;
  • View the amount of coins that you currently have;
  • Access your membership status and expiration date;
  • Check where your Penguin was last seen online;
  • Change the email associated to your Passport;
  • Reset your password;
  • Delete your account.

We're attaching a screenshot of the new Passport Manager right here!

We hope you enjoy the new Passport Manager.

Waddle On,
– Waddle Penguins Island Team

Waddle On