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Ownership Statement

By accessing Waddle Penguins Island, you acknowledge that we are not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or the Disney Interactive Media Group (collectively, “Disney”). We are an independent project. We have no contact with Disney and have no connection with Disney. You agree to release Disney and any of its employees or agents from any liability, corporate or personal loss resulting from your use of our services.

Accounts and Profiles

The game service itself requires an active account, which can be created with us if the user is 13 or older. Members declare that they are at least 13 years old by transferring data through our systems. If a user is under the age of 13, they must discontinue use of the Site and any linked services. Waddle Penguins Island may release information about you (including your Data) if we feel it is necessary to address a complaint about your use of the Site or to contact someone who may be infringing on the rights or property of Waddle Penguins Island or visitors. We do not share user information with third parties without their permission.

You cannot:

  • impersonate or misrepresent any person or entity, including the use of another person's login, password, or other account information, as well as another person's identity, likeness.
  • provide fake information for a parent or guardian information.
  • You acknowledge that you are not authorised to sublicense, transfer, sell, or assign your account.

Any attempt to sublicense, transfer, auction, sell, or assign the account is void, and such actions, whether made by the account holder or not, will result in the account being cancelled immediately. We may suspend or terminate your account and your ability to use Waddle Penguins Island, if you fail to comply with these terms of use or any specific terms relating to a specific service, or for any other reason, subject to applicable law.

Users accept that they are solely liable for all activities associated with their account. Fullmoon, Waddle Penguins Island, or its employees shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions that occur as a direct result of actions performed on your behalf.


If users provide us comments, ideas, and suggestions, we can utilise them without restriction or compensation.

Our Services may include functionality that allows users to publish and submit comments and/or material (for example, blogs and chat rooms).

By using any type of contribution, users conduct not to publish or send messages or content of any kind to these areas that infringe or violate the rights of any party, or otherwise violate any relevant laws.
Users agree that any conversations or materials posted to the areas are non-confidential for all purposes.

Members who use chat or submission features are solely accountable for their communications and the consequences of their communications.
We are under no obligation to post, deliver, remove, edit, or otherwise utilise or act on messages sent through the areas, and we may refuse to do so..

Fullmoon, Waddle Penguins Island, and their employees, contributors, and subcontractors are not liable in fact or law for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages, loss of profits, or injuries resulting from the use of the areas or reliance on the information and/or content posted in the areas.

Responsibility and Limitations

Users are liable for any criminal and civil obligations imposed by enforcement agencies in connection with their account, according to applicable local laws.

Members agree to release or defend Waddle Penguins Island's independent contractors, employees, agents, volunteers, and affiliates from civil liability arising from third-party negotiations, claims, actions, or disputes relating to your Content or Data, your use of the Site or Applications, or any wilful misconduct on your part by creating an account.

We have the right to terminate a member's use of any service based on the data given by the member.

Our servers back up their content on a regular basis. If our server fails, we will restore any lost data to minimise the effect and downtime for users.

Users acknowledge the availability of these Data copies and give their permission for our affiliates to use this information to:

  • restore servers;
  • update account information;
  • test Application operation by registering an account on Waddle Penguins Island.

To the greatest extent permitted by law, none of the Site's affiliates, operators, or volunteers will be liable to any person(s) for indirect, incidental, special, punitive, compensatory, or consequential damages, however caused, under any theory of liability, including, without limitation, contract, tort, warranty, breach of statutory duty, negligence, or otherwise, even if we were advised of the possibility of such damages or could have foreseen such damages. These limitations apply even if this solution fails to compensate you for any losses or fails to achieve its primary aim. Administrative situations control the formal agreements that govern Waddle Penguins Island.


These terms of service remain in effect until you or we terminate them. You may terminate these terms of service at any time by discontinuing use of the Site and destroying all materials obtained from it, as well as all related documents, copies, and installations, whether or not made under these terms of service. You must request Account Termination.

Our Staff Team reserves the right to terminate your account without a warning.

We reserve the right to terminate these terms of use with respect to you, including your access to the Site, in our sole discretion if you violate or fail to comply with any material term or provision of these terms of use, including, without limitation. You must stop using the Site after your access to it has been revoked.


If we make major modifications to these service-specific conditions, we will notify you in advance and provide you with the opportunity to review them. These terms and conditions may be changed to reflect changes in our policies, abuse or security concerns, or legal and regulatory requirements. If a term is deemed invalid or unenforceable, its invalidity or unenforceability has no influence on the validity or enforceability of any other sections in these terms of service.

To end your contact with Waddle Penguins Island, see our Privacy Policy and follow the instructions to close your account. We retain the right to terminate these conditions with respect to you if our online moderators uncover an infringement of these terms. These regulations only apply to your connection with Fullmoon (Waddle Penguins Island), not to any other organisations or individuals, even if they lawfully profit from it.