Hi penguin pals,

This blog post will show you how to download Waddle Penguins Island on your Android devices and play everywhere!
NOTE: Waddle Penguins Island, Fullmoon, and Download providers (APKPure, PatchKit) do not take any responsibility for anything that can happen to your device or data.

Install the app via the APKPure app

Before starting this, download the Club Penguin Island XAPK from APKPure using this link. (If the link doesn't work, please use this link instead.)
The easiest way to install an XAPK app is via the APKPure APP.
First, download the app from here and install it as you would normally install an APK.
Then, go to Me > App Management > APK / XAPK Management to view the XAPK file.
Lastly, tap the INSTALL button to install the XAPK file.
(Enable the “Unknown Sources” setting on your Android device if needed.)
And done! You've installed the CPI app. Now click here to skip to the Connecting with WPI part.

Installing the app manually

Step one
Download the Club Penguin Island XAPK from APKPure using this link. (If the link doesn't work, please use this link instead.)

Step two
After downloading the file, change the file extension from .xapk to .zip.

Step three
Decompress the file. You'll now see an Android folder, a com.disney.clubpenguinremix_goo.apk file, and other files. We'll focus on those two.
Tap on the Android folder and copy the com.disney.clubpenguinremix_goo folder.

Step four
Go to the OBB folder in your phone's Android folder (Locate your phone’s OBB folder under Internal Storage/Android/OBB) and paste the folder that you copied before.

Step five
Go back to the xapk folder and install the .apk folder. You might need to allow your file manager permission to install apps from unknown sources.

Step six
Locate the app in the app list and open it. Congratulations! You've installed CPI on your phone. Now we'll connect it to WPI's servers.

Connecting to Waddle Penguins Island

This is very simple, so don't worry.

Step one
Open the CPI app and wait until you see the home screen.

Step two
Hold your thumbs on the top right-hand corner and bottom left-hand corner of the screen at the same time.
Once the debug menu is visible, click "Network".

Step three
Enter those URLs in the following places:

Network -> Island News -> waddlepenguins.me/news

  • Changes the Island News link to our blog.

Network -> Web Services -> Account -> api.waddlepenguins.me/mix

  • This will make you able to login to your WPI Account and/or create one.

Network -> Web Services -> Game -> api.waddlepenguins.me

  • This will make you able to see your friends in-game.

Network -> Web Services -> Login Part 2 -> api.waddlepenguins.me

  • This makes you able to login.

Network -> Web Services -> Login -> api.waddlepenguins.me

  • Makes you able to login.

Step four
Restart the app and enjoy!

Read more about APKPure here.

Waddle On,
– Waddle Penguins Island Team

Waddle On