Hi penguin pals,

I'm excited to announce that Waddle Penguins Island has reached over 2000 users registered!

We know you don't hear from us much, but we're happy to see that even though our updates go out once per year and the API is in a dramatic state we still grow as a community!

When starting this project first as Club Penguin Island Rewritten in 2019 and then finally releasing under a different name, brand, ownership in 2021, we've never thought we would gather over 2000 users. You guys are amazing. Some of our Staff Members had something to say to thank you!

"oh i have nothing to say but wow i did not expect this little project to grow this huge!"- Allinol,
"Thank you so much!! You have all been amazing penguin buddies"- shorthand,
"I’m glad that we have reached 2,000 members. Let’s make it a good 2024."- Wednesday (aka: secretwolf98),
"Thank you all so much for coming along on this amazing journey, I appreciate every single one of you and I can’t wait for you to see what we have planned in the near future."- Boo0,
"Thank you everyone for making this community possible and for the amazing years we all had together and can't wait to see what is planned for the near future."- Cookie,
"very cool 👍"- Jeff The Rock,
"slay the house down boots mama"- Teegx.

I would like to thank all of you for the incredible patience you show to us, even when the development isn't fast. ❤️ We work on the game even when you don't think we do! Currently we're planning a rewrite of the API for the Summer, as well as still playing with Content to potentially bring you custom content or parties.

Thank you, once more. 🐧❤️

Waddle On,
– Waddle Penguins Island Team

Waddle On