Hi penguin pals,

Today we've posted a teaser image for something that is coming in 2024 to Waddle Penguins Island.

We've noticed it caused quite a stir, so let me explain.

As you can see, this billboard contains the icon of the well-known chair and two question marks.

It's something major! So we want to give you only a liitle bit of information now and we'll continue to share more sneak-peaks and updates during this year.

When creating this image, we were testing the thing behind the scenes with our Developers. We decided to use the chair to test it. Imagine this - a chair placed not inside an igloo but also not somewhere where it ever was. Also maybe add some decorations to this.

Remember, this is not an April Fools post or joke. Just akward timing.

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Waddle On,
– Waddle Penguins Island Team

Waddle On