Update 1 (03/05/2024):

We've turned on our legacy API for now, as the rewrite is under heavy works and we need more time than we first thought. This API is unstable and might just randomly turn off. Enjoy Waddle Penguins Island as we work on the rewrite behind the scenes.

Original post:

Hi penguin pals,

On Saturday, April 4, 2024 we hosted a meetup. You would think - hey, that's nothing irregular?.

During the meetup our Web Service faced fatal flaws and just with 12 penguins logging on collapsed fully. Not due to the amount of penguins, Firebase/SFS failing, but due to flaws in the code.

Well, what now?

For now, we've taken Waddle Penguins Island's Web Service offline. You can monitor its status at www.fullmoon.dev/status/details/wpi-api.

The Online Services Team ("OST") of Waddle Penguins Island is working hard on rewriting the entire Web Service, which will take some time. We've fully decided to not fix the code flaws in the current service and instead go in a direction where all of our OST Members will feel good in developing the game.

Does that mean zero updates? Zero sneak-peeks? Zero, null, nada?

Of course not! We wouldn't leave you hanging after we just announced parties. Our Interactive Content Team ("ICT") is still working on parties and content behind the scenes. We often share images on our Discord - which you can join here r.waddlepenguins.me/discord.

In conclusion, we're taking Waddle Penguins Island down for a rewrite of the Web Service. Follow us on our Social Media for latest news - r.waddlepenguins.me. We will be updating the website shortly. During the maintenance you can still manage your account at passport.waddlepenguins.me.

Waddle On,
– Waddle Penguins Island Team

Waddle On